Gazelle Trimsport onderdeel

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Gazelle Trimsport onderdeel

Bericht door PCPero »

Hello @ All,
because of the wide spreaded variety of contents it's my intention asking YOU all getting a chain box/ketting kast in dark metal green so as Gazelle equipped his Trimsport fietsen in the late seventies/early eighties, or an adress of a secret source. During my researches I had to face the truth it's not available anymore in shops, so my hope concentrates on YOU and your stored hoards! My own beloved Trimsport was rolled over by lorry, with the result of bent frame, same to handlebar, and linkage of drumbrakes as well. You could imagine the difficulties getting these parts alone. Today it's restored in it's origin manner, except this moleskin chainbox. The sister bike I could get in Essen, is equipped with a part from Hesling.
my very best greetings, Peter

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Re: Gazelle Trimsport onderdeel

Bericht door Fongers1952 »

Hello Peter,
Your best bet might be to come to the big swap meet for antique bicyles on April 9th in Berlicum. (near the city of 's Hertogenbosch) Although your bike is not considered to be an antique, you still might have a chance of finding a "kettingkast" there. Good luck and hope to see you there. :D
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